Get to Know Peter Sinise!

Hi, my name is Peter Sinise. I am a transfer junior from Monee, Illinois. The previous school I attended was Kankakee Community College, where I played soccer. My major is communication with a sports emphasis and a minor in sports management, and I play soccer here at Millikin. Since I can remember, my entire life has revolved around sports. My mom jokes all the time that if I hadn’t played sports as a kid, I would have driven her clinically insane because of how crazy-hyper I was. Not much has changed today! I love Hip Hop and R&B music and am excited to write about all kinds of things for Millikinect!

Get to Know Kelly Kaufenberg!

Hi! My name is Kelly Kaufenberg, and I’m a senior communication major here at Millikin University. I’m a member of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a service fraternity at Millikin. We do super fun projects, such as training dogs for adoption and helping at soup kitchens. I’m a big believer in joining at least one organization on campus that you relate to. My posts on this site will include updates on campus organizations. I hope this site provides you with examples of great groups that are aching for new members! I also love cooking and baking and I plan to provide awesome, college-kid proof recipes that taste yummy! Toodles!

Get to Know Elizabeth Coburn!

Hey all! I’m Elizabeth Coburn, a senior English Writing major at Millikin University. I consider myself a non-traditional student as I’m a bit older than most of my fellow classmates. 5 colleges and 5 different majors after high school graduation, I finally found my niche.

Writing is my passion because I find that I come across more openly and concise on paper; my thoughts seem to develop more fully when I’ve got a pen and a piece of paper in my hand. I have a lot of personal experience with social media as I’ve written on a few of my own personal blog sites; I’m excited to contribute to Millikinect. I hope to produce content pertaining to fashion, DIY, cooking, and other various topics of interest.

A few of my random interests include: music, shopping, Pinterest, cooking, and traveling.

Get to Know Rose!

I’m Rose Zuniga, and I am 23 years old. I have changed my major just about as many times as I have changed schools. After winding up at Millikin, I changed my major from nursing to communication with an emphasis on organizational communication. In my spare time I love watching television of any kind. Really any kind, I am just as obsessed with The Real Housewives as I am with Game of Thrones. I get the most use out of my Netflix subscription as possible. Aside from watching TV, I enjoy baking, shopping, looking at cool things on Pinterest (that I never will actually do), and, as of late teaching my 15 year old brother how to drive. I also have three tattoos and am currently working with an artist back home to design my first half-sleeve!

Get to Know Sam Deary!

Hello readers!

My name is Sam Deary and I am a senior Communication Major and Criminal Justice Minor. Along with being a writer for Millikinect, I am also the Vice President of Delta Sigma Phi as well as the Program Director for WJMU. My interests are primarily traveling and music, which will most likely be what my articles are about. In fact, most of what I hope to do on this site are album/song reviews for you, the reader!

Costume Corner: Halloween Costume Ideas Week 1

Halloween is quickly approaching and you know what that means…an excuse to play dress up! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to delve into a world of fantasy and be whoever they want to be for a day? We’re going to help you avoid the last minute costume scramble by providing you with a cheap, easy, and DIY-able costume each week from now until Halloween.

Let the costuming begin!

First up… Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! This week’s costume is a 2-fer. You can either grab a friend, or go solo by picking your favorite character from Nickelodeon’s cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants.


(Costume image courtesy of

These costumes are pretty simple to replicate. Here’s what you’ll need for the Barnacle Boy costume:

Black shorts
Red long-sleeved shirt
Short dark-colored boots
Blue rubber gloves
White sailor’s cap
Black eye mask
Blue fabric/bandana for neck tie
Plastic fins or craft foam to make your own fins

The construction of this costume is straightforward. Attach the fins that you either bought or made to the boots with an adhesive that’s secure enough for the type of materials you’re using, and simply put all of the other items on! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The Mermaid Man costume requires a little more construction, but it’s still super easy. You’ll need:

Orange long-sleeved shirt
Black shorts
Green tights/stockings
Fuzzy pink house slippers
Green rubber gloves
A belt, and craft foam to create the “M” on the belt
Masking tape and more craft foam for the seashell “bra”
Craft foam for starfish on face (optional)

*The color of Mermaid Man’s belt seems to change. You can either do a purple belt with yellow “M” as pictured on the left, or yellow belt and yellow “M” as pictured on the right.

To create the belt, trace and cut out an “M” with the craft foam. An easy way to make the letter would be to trace a stencil of some sort. Next, attach it to the belt. Hot glue would be an easy way to do that.

The bra will require a little more arts and crafts savvy. While wearing the orange shirt, attach a piece of masking tape to the shirt and wrap all the way around the widest part of the chest. Next, make the straps of the bra by putting a piece of tape where you want each of the seashells to lay, and connecting it (in the front and back) to the piece of tape going around the chest. To finish, attach the seashells to the shirt either with tape, or perhaps hot glue or craft glue, depending on how secure you need them.

Another way to craft the bra could be to buy a standard coconut bra from any store and simply replace the coconuts or cover them up with your seashell cutouts.

After crafting the belt and seashell bra, all that’s left to do is put on the other components of the costume.

If you think you won’t have any trouble with getting the starfish to stay, you can cut out a star-shape from craft foam to attach to your face, over the nose. This step is optional as you’ll still be identifiable as Mermaid Man without it.

And that’s it. With a little craftiness you’ve got a super easy costume that is sure to be an attention-grabber this Halloween. If you make this costume, we want to see it! Post a picture of you in your costume on Twitter or Instagram and tag us @millkinect!


New Student-Run Bistro at Richland

More tasty eats made their way to Decatur on Tuesday, September 23 with the opening of Richland Community College’s Bistro Five Thirty Seven, a student run restaurant in Richland’s Shilling Education Center. According to the Bistro website, “This entrepreneurial experience is the capstone of the culinary program and ensures that graduates have the credentials and skills necessary to be successful in the culinary field.”

One of the most intriguing things about this restaurant, besides the fact that it’s student run, is the allure of the revolving menu, which allows for the “incorporation of different styles of cuisine and cooking techniques.” Here’s a look at the opening menu:

537lunch   537dinner


Hours for Bistro Five Thirty Seven are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am-1pm for lunch and 6pm-8pm for dinner. You can make reservations by calling (217) 875-2711 ext. 537.

Also, check out their website and follow Bistro Five Thirty Seven on Facebook.

Get to Know Megan!

Megan is the name, Communication is the game, or well major rather. This is my fourth and hopefully final year here in the MilliBubble. My hobbies are pretty mainstream for a college student; reading, socializing, and social networking just to scrape the surface. I currently wait tables around the corner at a local breakfast restaurant by day and sidekick James Millikin fighting crime at night. I look forward to providing interesting and entertaining material for our readers to keep them Millikinected– see what I did there?! Until next time!

Get to Know Brett Martin!

Hello! I’m Brett Martin, I’m a Pre-Law major at Millikin. I intend on doing criminal prosecution in the future. My favorite interests are being around people I like, sleeping, and good food. I’m super excited to move to Hawaii or Italy in the future. I’m a big fan of Hawaiian weather and culture, but Italy definitely has its perks. This semester I’ll be bringing the best of all subjects I can think of. Generally along the lines of bachelor cooking, bringing news about campus events and being cool in general.

The Saddest Day of Your Childhood: Santa Doesn’t Exist!

We all, at one point in our lives, believed that the best man in the world, Santa Claus, existed and that he traveled all around the world, delivering presents to all the good boys and girls. Sadly, as time went on and we got older, we either figured out or were told that Santa Claus doesn’t actually exist. I reached out to my friends on Facebook, asking them to divulge their story on how they found out that Santa doesn’t exist. These are their stories.

Holly Klockenga: She heard some kids talking about it, but she didn’t want to believe it. However, she knew for sure when she went shopping with her mom, who bought her brother a specific tractor. When he opened the first from “Santa,” she knew he wasn’t real.

Nora Kocher: At age 6, she found some gifts in the car that she later got from “Santa.”

Naomi Jacobs: Her dad used to tell her and her siblings how he got coal from Santa as a kid. When she was 8, however, she realized that her dad was Jewish and wouldn’t have gotten “coal from Santa.”

Heather Wallaert: At age 9, her dad turned around in the middle of a store and told her that Santa rode a motorcycle.

Kelly Kaufenberg: When she was 10, she had been mulling about it for a year. Around Christmas, she finally asked her mom. Her mom told her that Santa didn’t exist; she also told Kelly that this meant that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist either. Devastating!

Crystal Quint: When she was 4, her preschool teacher told her that her mom was lying and that Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist.

Now, I know this article makes me sound like an old Scrooge that doesn’t like Christmas. Let me assure: Christmas is awesome! Keep the spirit of Christmas alive! It’s a time to be with your family and friends, and who doesn’t love that? Merry Christmas from all of us at Millikinect!

How did you find out Santa wasn’t real? (Was it from reading this article?) Let us know in the comments!