2015 Run to LSB!

Every year, Decaturites participate in the Run to LSB event. This event is on March 14th and begins in downtown Decatur at 377 S Franklin Street (near courthouse) and ends at Lock Stock & Barrel. The race starts at 10:45 am and the race is 2 miles long.

Many people dress up in green for St Patricks Day and all participants will receive a race t-shirt, access to the post-race party (with free food and drink) & an LSB drinking mug.


Cost: $30 for all runners until march 7th and preregistration only! So get in there early

For More information, call 217-429-7411

Click here for a link to the registration form!

5 Reasons Why “White Privilege” is Still an Issue Today

I grew up in a predominantly white, small town outside of Aurora, IL. I was only ever exposed to a person of color once while I was in high school, and I was taught to believe (by my white teachers) that everyone is equal and that we left racism and prejudice back in the 1960’s. So when I entered college, I had no idea that “White Privilege” even existed, much less that it was extremely relevant and completely pertained to me. I had never even heard the term before.

Basically, “White Privilege” is a term that speaks on the benefits of being white in a western community, and describes why white people have certain privileges that by birth other races do not possess.

So naturally, I became uncomfortable and wanted to deny it– probably the exact thing you are subconsciously doing in your seat at this very moment. I wanted to say, “There’s no such thing because we have a black president!” or “There’s no such thing because there are no ‘scholarships for white kids’ out there!” But after executing an activity called “the Invisible Knapsack” and having a discussion about it, I began to realize that I was closed-minded without even knowing it. I learned that no matter how much I wanted to deny it, peel the idea off of my white skin and throw it away, I was born with a certain privilege that people of other races do not possess.

Don’t agree with me? Here’s five reasons why “White Privilege” is still a completely relevant idea today:

1. Because of the color of my skin, I will never have to worry about being followed in a store by the owner who thinks I am going to steal something.

Hypothetically I could walk into a convenience store, put something in my pocket, walk out, and the cashier at the front desk will simply flash a smile as I leave. But if a person of color were to walk into a store, he would immediately be followed, watched, and asked microagression-esque questions such as, “Are you going to buy that?”

2. Because of the color of my skin, the odds of ending up in jail are significantly lower than a person of color’s odds would be.

Statistics say that at least one-third of black men will go to jail at least once in their lifetime. The sad thing is that statistics also show that once a person is in the system, it is extremely hard to get out. And no, this is not because people of color tend to commit more crimes. It is because it is easier for white people to get away with it (refer back to number one).

And the scariest fact about this is that there are more people of color imprisoned now than there were slaves in the 1850’s.

Try and tell me that systematic oppression and segregation don’t still exist.

3. Because of the color of my skin I do not have to explain to my peers about how I got into college. I do not have to defend my intelligence because I am white, and in our society that is synonymous with intelligent.

There are so many obstacles that people of color in higher education have to face every day that white people may not know even exist or that they are even causing it.

People of color get asked on a daily basis, “Oh, did you get the multicultural scholarship?” or get told statements like, “Wow, you speak really articulately!”

Then there’s the passing comments such as, “He/She just got in because we have to meet a quota.” Every day people of color have to defend their right to be in higher education because the color of their skin immediately determines the level of their intelligence, and God forbid they break a stereotype (that whites put in place to begin with, might I add) without a hassle.

4. Because of the color of my skin, if I mess up and get into trouble, no one is going to stereotype my entire race according to that incident.

For example, I saw a meme on Buzzfeed that said “If the Boston Marathon Bomber turns out to be white, no one will label all white people as terrorists.”

Yet, because a few Islamic men caused 9/11, we label ALL Muslims as terrorists.

Or because a black person commits a crime, we label ALL black people as thugs.

Or because we don’t allow Mexicans to have the same chance at jobs as we allow ourselves, we label ALL Mexicans lazy.

Yet, if that were to happen to a white person, it would be that singular white person is a terrorist, thug, lazy, etc.

5.  Because of the color of my skin, I will not have to teach my children about systematic racism for their protection.

We have all heard the stories of the untimely deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

No matter what side you take on those, it would be ignorant not to acknowledge the fact that both of these cases had to do with systematic racism. Even if both of these teenagers (and YES, TEENAGERS) were acting out of line, did that give anyone the right to take their lives, the most precious thing anybody owns, away from them? That’s not something a person can give back. That’s not something the system, no matter how high and mighty they think they are, can give back. On average, an out-of-line white person gets far more time before the gun shoots (if it does at all) than an out-of-line person of color.

Yet the media tries to suppress the cries from Ferguson. They frame it to look more like police brutality, that it could happen to anyone, instead of a racial issue.

Because it’s 2015, and there just can’t still be racism.

And the fact that the above statement comes from anyone’s mouth is perfect proof that “White Privilege” exists. Because, quite frankly, I don’t have to acknowledge that racism still exists because my life is not on the line. I could go every day without thinking about racism, and my life still be the same.

People of color cannot.

Now, let me get this straight. This is NOT the blame game. I know you and I “can’t help being white”. But you and I CAN help being ignorant. We CAN help the fact of whether or not we acknowledge it  exists. And we CAN help those whose voices have been silenced.

We have the privilege. We have the power.

Now let’s walk hand-in-hand and DO something with it.


If you want to learn more about instances of privilege you can click on these links:



If I Can Do It, You Can Do It! How to Make A Cooler

What you will need:

Any size cooler you want

Sand Paper

Primer Spray Pain

Mod Podge




Paint pens

Acrylic paint

Printed images


You can get all of these at Wal-Mart even some of it at the dollar store! Remember it is a cooler and will have a rough life so don’t spend hundreds of dollars on supplies.

Disclaimer: This is not a project for the uncommitted. It can take a long time.

Step 1: Sand your Cooler!

First sand down your cooler with the sand paper. Sand down all of the surfaces you are planning on painting. (sanding will help the primer stay on)

Step 2: Prime Your Cooler

Go to a well ventilated area and spray the cooler with a primer spray paint. This will help the paint stay on the cooler longer

Step 3: Design fully before beginning

Look to see what kinds of prints you want on your cooler. Look for a certain design that you wish to be on your cooler. Print it out and use it as a stencil, or if you are more artsy you can free hand it.

Step 4:Base Coat your Cooler

If you do not like the color of your cooler, start with a base coat of the color you want make sure to let dry completely. You do not want your colors to run together.

Step 5: Begin the Drawing stage

Personally I would draw on my cooler with a pencil before I started to paint on it.

So, outline your drawing first.


Paint! (use Acrylic paint or paint pens)

Step 7: Pictures require Mod Podge

If you are using pictures this is where you would put them on using Mod Podge. You will need to use a generous amount of this to ensure that the pictures stay on.

Step 8: Finalize and Enjoy Your Cooler!

Fill it up with ice and beverage of your choose!


Jeremys Cooler

Saving Money At Starbucks: It Is Possible


Coming from a person who goes to Starbucks just a wee bit too much, I know how expensive it can be. But I always justified spending the money with, “I need the green straw!” Somehow this convinced me that spending $30 a week on coffee was okay. I probably spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars there before I even knew what a Starbucks Card was (explained at point #2). So I am here to tell you I absolutely did not give up Starbucks, nor did I avoid it, but I did learn to save some moolah. So here are a few tips from me to you! Enjoy.

  1. Oder a short.
  • I am here to tell you that sometimes size does matter, especially if it saves you money! Actually, the short cappuccino has the same amount of espresso as a tall, just a little stronger. It’ll getcha!
  1. Get a Starbucks Card
  • If you go to Starbucks often it might be wise to sign up for their rewards program. It’s free! By just signing up you get a free drink, free drink on your birthday, free refills (coffee, hot or iced; tea, hot or iced), and once you strike beautiful gold every twelfth purchases you get a free drink! I mean why would you not take advantage of this?

3.  Get the teas without water

  • I know it seems weird to NOT get water in your tea, BUT don’t do it! It tastes better, it is not as watered down, and you get more bang for your buck. Oh and get light ice!
  1. Don’t buy their bottled water
  • Well, first off, do I need to spell it out for you? E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E. Honestly, asking them for water is F-R-E-E and not to mention filtered more than that bottle of water was.
  1. Bring your own cup
  • Every time you bring your own cup you save 10 cents. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but in reality you are saving much more than money; try the planet! They actually sell $1 reusable cups, at the register. Think about it, you’re a Gold member, using your own cup. After ten purchases you make back your dollar and you are so close to getting a free drink! It’s a win win situation.
  1. Don’t be afraid to get creative
  • Okay so I am sure you’ve heard about the most expensive drink ever served at Starbucks, I am not saying to get that creative. But there is plenty of room to get creative and still stay around three or four dollars.
  • Hot Chocolate- $2.80+ $.50 flavoring= yumm
  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino- $2.95
  • Iced Coffee with milk- $1.95+ $.50 flavoring= priceless
  • Iced Latte- $2.00: Order a triple espresso over ice, in a Venti cup, and pour your own milk at the condiment bar.                                                      (http://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Cheap-Starbucks-Drinks-23133466#photo-23133493)

Make your own

  • You can buy one pound of coffee there for about $13.00. It is delicious and well worth the money. Could save you a few trips a week. Also, Pinterest is great for looking up copycat recipes of their drinks!

Hope this helps you a LATTE!




6 Must Have Deals Every Millikin Gal Needs This Spring

But seriously, we have something important to discuss: your wardrobe. Us college kids get a bad rep for falling into sweat pant slumps or wearing them all year, and from first hand experience I can tell you it’s the darn truth. With late night study sessions, staying out at LSB all night, and the frigid cold we have been experiencing, it is kind of inevitable. I will give you that. But seriously everyday? I saw you wear those black yogas yesterday, and the day before that. I totally get you have enough to worry about, and your wardrobe may not be number one or even on your top five, but give your yogas a break this spring. Trust me, it’s as easy as making a bowl of ramen in the microwave. And, boy do I have some deals for you!

Monogrammed Baseball Cap



  • For those days you pushed snooze five too many times and you cannot get yourself to get out of bed and shower. You can even pair it with something cute, dress it up or down.
  • Take in an old, baseball cap to Embroidered Expressions in downtown Decatur, and get it monogrammed for $12.00! 217-791-6426

Longchamp Purse


  • If you don’t know what a Longchamp bag is, get to know it. They are the perfect bag, trust me! I have had mine for 3 years and it’s still going strong. They are the absolute best for holding your phone, laptop, iPad, makeup, planner, wallet, and kitchen sink!
  • Check out longchampoutletonlinestores.com you will NOT regret it! You will save about 80 smackaroos, for a total of $67.01!


  • Striped shirts are always a closet necessity, a must have. They are one of the most versatile items in your closet. They’re a classic and easy to dress up with a statement necklace or down with a jean jacket.
  • Shop J. Crew Outlet online, for an extra 30% off. Also, if you shop their outlet store they take student discount with your MU ID!

Basic Prep-T

  • Preppy T-shirts are so in right now, especially ifAllRoadsLeadSouth_white_large you’re a college gal. They pair perfectly with about anything; colored shorts, Nike shorts, leggings.
  • Go to countryclubprep.com. Before check out you will see a “COUPON CIRCLE”, click it for 10% off and don’t forget to sign up as a member and receive free shipping! Also, follow @LaurenJames on Instagram, they have deals sometimes that are worth checking out!

Jack Rogers

  • From walking around campus, to going to the beach Jack Rogers will give you that little something extra. Trust me you won’t want to take them off!f336c93d3f41a6e2b2080b59189a2e48
  • Go to countrycluprep.com and pick out your favorite pair! Add them to your cart. Use code “xcgal98” at checkout for 20% off. Sign up as a member (for future deals), and receive free shipping! Enjoy your AMAZING bargain! #lovemyjacks

Cute, Light-weight Rain jacket



3 Reasons to Volunteer at a Retirement Home

When many people think about a retirement home, the first thing that may come to mind is a place surrounded by nurses and cranky old people. What they don’t know is that it is rarely that at all. Volunteering at Primrose Retirement Community in Decatur was one of the greatest experiences I have had. If you are looking to get some volunteer hours in or just want to help out the community, here are my top 3 reasons why you should choose to go to Primrose:

1. You can have a best friend after only 1 hour of visiting.

– This statement couldn’t be more true. A lot of the residents take great interest in meeting new people and will make sure you know everything about them by the end of your visit. They are not afraid to tell you their life accomplishments and will also be intrigued to hear about your life.

2. Free Ice Cream bar

– At Primerose there is an ice cream bar every Wednesday. So while you are making a new friend you can also enjoy some free ice cream. Its a win win.

3. You get free advice about life.

-You can get a lot of great advice about life just by talking to a resident. They have so much life experience that you can expect to learn at least one thing with every visit. From relationship advice to career advice, I have learned a lot and I have the wonderful folks at Primrose to thank for that!

Written By: Emily Sanders

Life Lessons from USA’s Suits


We all have one show we are decide to get on the bandwagon after it’s halfway through the series or is already over. My guilty pleasure right now is Suits.The show stars good looking, educated corporate lawyers who specialize in kicking law ass and taking names. There are bro-mances, office romances and every other type of relationship in between. Not to mention a lot of lessons to be learned.

Here are the top 7 lessons from Suits.

1) First Impressions Count.

When entering a new workplace or a new environment, first impressions are the ones that count the most. Harvey teaches us this lesson in the very first season by telling Mike “First impressions last. You start behind the eight ball, you’ll next get in front.” How you are perceived when you first begin any job or meet any person will affect how you are perceived for the rest of that time.


2) Study, Learn and know your competition.

            This applies for all areas of life but especially for the work force. When applying for jobs research the company to the highest degree. Find their weakness and think of a way to improve them. That way during the interview you can show how dedicated you would be to that company by having a solution to a weakness. Everyone is talented in their own way, make sure you stand out next to your competition.


  1. Have goals not dreams.

Harvey has said numerous times on the show “I don’t have dreams, I have goals” Having dreams is nice and all however the point of a dream is to make it a reality. Instead of having a dream journal have a goal journal and you are already one step closer to achieving this. Go full force after what you want. You are the only person who can stand in the way of what you want to accomplish.


  1. Always have a Plan B.

            Not everything on the agenda is going to go according to plan. Not every debate is going to be planned to the T and not every situation is going to end the way you want it to. As Harvey Specter once said, “ What are your choices when someone holds a gun to your head? You do what they say or they shoot you right? WRONG! You take the gun, pull out a bigger gun and call their bluff or do one of the another 146 other things.” Even when you think you are out of options, there is always another way.


  1. Be Yourself.

            In new environments we all just want to fit in. We may start to imitate actions of others in hopes that we are connecting. DO NOT DO THIS. Be yourself. In Suits, Mike tried to Harvey-ise himself and the results ended in failure, however when he was himself and let his inner geek come through, he was able to solve the case in a way the other lawyers didn’t see coming. Be yourself and let your inner personality come to life.


  1. Stand Up for What is Right.

            Sometimes doing what is right is a hard thing. You want to follow the crowd and perhaps go against your morals. Don’t. Standing up for what is right is always your best option. Don’t stop fighting until you have set things straight. Never compromise yourself for a one time thing, you will regret that decision.


  1. Take Control of Your Responsibilities.

            When Harvey assigns Mike a task, Mike knows that if he screws it up, then it’s on him AND Harvey. Whatever your actions are, take full responsibility for them. You choose your actions so you also choose your consequences. Make sure it’s all worth it in the end.




To get more life lessons from Suits, tune in on Wednesday nights at 9p.m. central time!

The Power of Words

Recently while scrolling through my Facebook news feed I came across a link. I thought this was going to be like any other social media video; consisting of cats, injuries, or bland humor. Just as I was about to continue scrolling, this link caught my eye. It took me to a video clip from the Queen Latifah Show. On this episode, three young girls who represent an organization called Get Lit gave a moving, empowering, and politically charged literacy presentation. The group addressed issues of our school system and lessons young people are taught about our society. This eye opening presentation brings light to issues that most people shy away from and just blatantly ignore. Check out the video here:

And for more videos and inspirational messages from the Get Lit group check out the Get Lit YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/glwordsignite

check out the Get Lit website: http://getlit.org/getlit/

Scandal: Gladiators in Suits


scandal 2

I don’t know about you, but I would give anything to dress like the characters from my favorite TV shows. Well now you can. For many of you Scandal fans out there, The Limited has created an exclusive line that follows the outfits of Olivia Pope who is the leading woman in the ABC drama. The new line was launched in the fall of 2014 with many different looks that have been worn by Olivia throughout the show.

The motto for the new line is “Fearless fashion for women who lead.” I don’t know about you, but knowing that specific clothing is being created to help women feel confident in what they wear is a great confidence booster. Who wouldn’t want to wear something a strong independent woman like Olivia Pope would wear. I’m not quite up to date on the show itself, but as an employee of The Limited I was able to see the new spring line first hand that was launched on Friday, February 13, 2015. The new look is incredible and offers a variety of different styles. The Scandal line can be worn in a professional setting as well as a casual setting. The Scandal Line has been a hot item in the store as well as online. I highly recommend you check out the new spring line either in the store or online. You’re not going to be disappointed with this new look.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.55.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.55.33 PM

“Women often feel they have to choose between smart or sexy. This collection says you can be both of those things. You can be fabulous and fearless.” –Kerry Washington

Sarah Palin Hints at Running for 2016 Presidency on SNL

On Sunday’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary episode, Jerry Seinfeld exchanges comments with well-known audience members, who were likely placed in the crowd intentionally. Among these audience members was Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin. Palin, who Seinfeld jokingly addressed as actor Tina Fey, who has played Palin’s character in many SNL episodes made some intriguing comments to Seinfeld.

Palin “hypothetically” asked how much SNL would pay her to run for the 2016 Presidential Election. When Seinfeld told her jokingly that “he did not think there was a number too big”, Palin asked about “hypothetically” taking on Donald Trump as her running mate.

These comments had many people curious as to the truth behind them. The Huffington Post points out that the last month Palin did make comments having serious interest in running, but she has not yet made known steps towards launching a campaign.

What are your thoughts? Maybe it will be a refreshing change of pace to have a woman in the Oval Office, rather than another pasty old white man? It is definitely a decade of great change, so maybe this will be one of them.