Hunter’s Pilot Post

Hey everyone! My name is Hunter Bailey… yes, I am a girl. I’m a junior communication major with interests in marketing, sales, management, and event planning. I love to interact on social media and have a lengthy list of interests, binge sessions on Pinterest being one. I work at Del’s Popcorn Shop, a local family-owned business that’s been around for 80+ years! I am looking forward to this semester and helping run the Millikinect website and  posting on many different topics including food, places to go, new media, and possibly some ghost stories from the  Decatur and Millikin communities.

Wesley’s Pilot Post

Hello all! My name is Wesley Beach, and I’m a senior Communication major. I am a 4-year letterman in football both in high school and college. I changed my major twice and I am on track to graduate on time, which I am very excited about. My hobbies are watching TV, playing video games, working out, playing basketball, and going out for a few casual drinks every now and then. I am an outgoing person, and I enjoy activities that involve interacting with people. My best strength is building relationships with people and being adaptable and open-minded to other people’s interests. I love to have fun and work hard at the same time.

Do Women Deteriorate Overnight, or is That Just Sexism in Society?

Something that is used in many jokes all over the internet is the idea that while men wake up looking refreshed in the morning, women somehow deteriorate overnight and require lots of work in the morning to look presentable. Most people laugh and nod their heads at this joke, but lately it has been bothering me.

What are the implications of this joke? It is basically claiming that men look great naturally, but women need beauty supplies in order to be beautiful. This message doesn’t sit well with me, so I developed a little experiment. I began taking pictures of myself without makeup on before I went to bed and right after I woke up to compare the difference. Let’s see the results!

Night 1                          Morning 1


Night 2                             Morning 2


Night 3                                 Morning 3


To help you as a reader process these images, I’m adding one of me in the middle of the day with a full face of makeup.


I look shinier, but I don’t know about prettier. I think it’s more of a difference than an improvement.

Personally I think that the only noticeable difference between the night and morning pictures is that my hair hasn’t been brushed yet in the morning. However, I’ve noticed that I too look more refreshed in the morning, just like men, imagine that!

What I learned from this experience is to love my natural face. Society has taught me that my natural face is not enough; that it requires makeup to be beautiful. Society has also taught me that men require no work, except maybe shaving, to have a handsome face. I would always wake up thinking that I needed to work on my face before I can go outside. This is ridiculous. As you can see, my face looks fine with no makeup.

This experiment has not convinced me to give up makeup, but rather taught me to treat makeup as something that is fun, but not necessary. I still love makeup. However, I am more comfortable going out without makeup. I no longer feel like everyone is looking at me or judging me for going makeup-free.

Society needs to make a change for equality in several areas, obviously, but I’m going to focus on its treatment of beauty. I am lucky in that, while my self-esteem has definitely been lowered by the media, it has never had serious repercussions for me. I know that some girls and women hate themselves every day because they don’t compare to the images they see in the media. I definitely understand how women could feel that way, but I am so happy that I don’t. Of course I have my insecurities. I never feel thin enough or tall enough or tan enough; the list can go on and on. But I don’t allow these insecurities to take over. Unfortunately for many people,  it is almost impossible to not succumb to their insecurities.

Makeup is only the beginning in terms of the crazy requirements society has set for beauty. According to NYC Girl’s Project, “By middle school, 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body, and body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12 and 15.” This site goes on to say that models in magazines are a huge reason why teen girls are so insecure. They see these images of “beauty” that are, in reality, unattainable. The photos of the models have been altered to look a certain way that no person can actually achieve. This leaves girls feeling defeated when they can’t reach these goals.

Self-confidence is incredibly important, and lack of it can lead to low grades, premature promiscuous behavior, and even suicide. For the safety of women everywhere, society needs to rethink their definition of beauty. Instead of defining beauty as a skinny, tall, tan, woman, covered in makeup and hairspray, they should send the message that many body types are beautiful. Employ models of various sizes, heights, and colors and prove to everyone that beauty is not one look. Some women will never be tall. That doesn’t make them ugly. Some will never be skinny, and that doesn’t make them ugly either. A more positive view of beauty needs to be made mainstream for the safety and confidence of girls and women all over the country.

There are some movements to show the beauty in other body types, however they’re not receiving enough attention and they’re not always sending a positive image to everyone. There are many images of plus size women with lines such as “Guys don’t like skeletons, they like curves.” This line implies that skinny women aren’t desirable, which is not the message that needs to get across. We need to become accepting of all body types, not fight back with offensive words about thin women. I said earlier that some women will never be thin, and that doesn’t make them ugly. Well, the reverse is also true. Some women will never be bigger, and that doesn’t make them ugly!

Society also needs to be more careful with the language they use. They are using images of women who are size six to ten and calling them “plus size” and “curvy.” First of all, sizes six through ten are not plus size. Second, “plus size” and “curvy” are not the same thing. Sometimes they coincide, but they are in no way the same. Plus size women are probably overweight, not always, but probably. Curvy women just have larger hips, not fatter, but larger. This means that their hips bones go out farther than others. This difference needs to be defined correctly for women to be less confused. Some women would be insulted if  they were called “curvy” because it has been equated with “plus size.” If these words could be defined correctly, it would improve the body image of so many women.

Women need to hear the message that they are beautiful no matter what size, shape or color they are, from the mainstream media. It would improve the self-esteem of so many, and decrease the amount of girls who suffer depression through high school over their looks. Makeup, weight, color, and height are not what make a person beautiful. This message needs to be sent out to every woman and girl who ever felt less than beautiful because she didn’t meet every beauty requirement set up for women by society.

Chicago and the Music that Influenced America

The year 2014 brought us some pretty amazing music. There has been everything from Beyonce to Sam Smith, White Lung to Taylor Swift, to my favorite artist who just made the 2014 cutoff, J. Cole with his album “2014 Forest Hill Drive.” I would say this has been a pretty great year musically. With all of this musical success, it got me to thinking about where people draw their influences. I was ALSO thinking about how much music comes out of the greatest city ever, my city, sweet home Chicago!  In doing quite a bit of research I found out some things that were both interesting and surprising. This article is dedicated to my city and its historical happenings that have left a mark on the world!

Before I begin,  Did You Know?:

  • The first non-native was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable in the 1780s.
  • Founded as an official city on March 4th, 1837 largely comprised of Irish Catholics, English, Germans, Swedes and Dutch.
  • From its founding up until the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 the population was 300,000. After the city rebuilt itself its population rose to 1.6 million by 1898 making it the 2nd largest city in America.
  • There were a multitude of things to offer such as stock yards, steel mills, and labor unions that ushered economic growth

All this vibrant economic activity made Chicago the city it is today, but how did it become such a great city for music?

After the Civil War in the early 1900s, many African-American Southerners were forced to work as sharecroppers and cotton pickers to provide for their families. Most were involved in the feudal system, where a portion of their rent was paid via the crops they grew but that left little to nothing for them survive off of. Because of the lack of education in the African-American community and the Jim Crowe laws in place there were very few options for income and survival. These things prompted The Great Migration of African Americans from the rural south to urban-industrial north that took place from 1910-1960.

Economic and educational advancement were the triggers for the surge in migration. In 1940 an African-American could make up to $10 per day in Chicago’s factories while in the South workers only made $1-2 per day picking cotton.  There was a drastic change in the Black population in Chicago:

Chicago’s Black Population:
1910: 40,000
1930: 234,000
1950: 492,000
1960: 813,000

The heart of the African-American community in Chicago, from the 1930s until the 1990s, was Maxwell Street.

The Maxwell Street market began in 1871, and was largely comprised of poor, Eastern European Jews, Italians, and Mexicans. It soon became, and would remain, a melting pot of cultures, following the northern migration of Southern Blacks in the early 1900s.  Merchants would go out and sell everything under the sun! Musicians would set up shop and perform for people all day.  Maxwell Street was known as the Ellis Island of Illinois.

Maxwell St. is located 14th and Roosevelt, now The University of Illinois at Chicago.

All of those Black migrators from the South brought their own sound and in doing so they birthed new Chicago sounds. Genres that emerged from the Great Migration include:
Chicago Blues
House Music- Techo/Eletronica
Jazz- The Chicago Style
Rock and Roll
Chicago Style Jazz

Jazz originated from settlers from New Orleans; the style is called Dixieland. Unlike the original Dixieland style, this Chicago style is most often played in a swing style, 4 beats per bar. It is very fast-paced to emulate the city life. There is also much more emphasis on solo sections in the music. Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong became the stars of the Chicago Jazz scene.

Chicago Style Blues: Stemming from the Delta Blues of the Mississippi, Chicago Blues has a more extended scale than the typical Blues Scale. It has additions of the major scale and 9th chords with a heavy rolling bass. This style of music had heavy influence on Rock ‘n’ Roll and Boogie-Woogie (a piano-based blues). Instruments of its style included amplified guitar, drums, piano, bass, saxophone and harmonica. Muddy Waters and Little Walter were the faces of this sound. (If anyone has seen the movie Cadillac Records, it was based on Chicago artists and record companies!)

House Music: Made popular by DJ Frankie Knuckles, House Music originated in a Chicago nightclub called The Warehouse, located on the city’s near Westside, referred to as the “West Loop”. House music was developed in the “underground” club scene. House musicians used analog synthesizers and sequencers to create and arrange the electronic elements and samples on their tracks, combining live traditional instruments and percussion and soulful vocals with preprogrammed electronic synthesizers and “beat-boxes”.

Aside from Maxwell Street, Chicago is home to Bronzeville, located on the city’s south side, that was known as the “Black Metropolis.” The south side of Chicago is where the majority of Black clubs and venues were located. The cost of living in this area was one the cheapest in comparison to the rest of the city. Bronzeville is known as the Birthplace of Gospel music.

Just the Harlem Renaissance that took place in New York, Chicago went through its own Renaissance,  where people like Gwendolyn Brooks, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald emerged.

Today Bronzeville has been brought up to date with construction advancement and serves as one of the city’s largest tourist sites.

In doing my research and studying the people and happenings that came from Chicago it made me even more proud to not only be a Chicago city girl, but a musician from Chicago! The music that emerged from Chicago has influenced and will continue to influence musicians from all over. Go ahead and check out where your favorite artists draw their inspiration, I’m sure there will be traces to Chicago!

Guy Code: Always Know How to Dress for the Occasion

It is important that we try to dress to impress, at least at some point in our lives. We might dress up for a special occasion or for an interview. In observing Millikin men, I have noticed that some men do not understand how to dress well. That includes times like heading out to class and more complicated dress codes like the ever-mysterious “business casual.”

In order to solve this issue in our society I have put together a fantastic guide to help you through these challenging times. I can guarantee you that this guide will not only help you in an interview but possibly impress that special someone as well. Everyone looks better when he or she tries to dress his or her best. It makes you feel good and look good, so why not?

Future employers will expect you to dress a certain way in the work place and here is how to interpret those guidelines.


First, let’s start with White Tie.

At a white tie event you would wear:
• A White Tie
• Tailcoat
• White Vest
• Black shoes

This is the classiest and fancy event you will ever attend. It also might happen only a couple times, so make sure you look perfect. For this event you most likely will have to rent your attire since most men do not own these types of clothes. It is not appropriate to wear white tie wear to a wedding or even a formal party. White tie typically means it is a diplomatic events or awards ceremonies.

One step down would be a Black Tie affair, meaning semi formal dress code.

What you should wear when the dress code is Black Tie:
• Black tie
• Tuxedo
• Black shoes

Keep the color scheme in mind: black and white! Do not deviate from this, even if brighter colors are your preference. And think about buying for Black Tie events. You can invest in some tuxedo pieces now and mix and match them with other clothes at less formal events.

One step lower on the formalness ladder is Business Dress. Many men already know what this means: suits!

What you should wear to Business Dress occasions:
• Solid or pinstriped colored suits
• Matched tie
• Matched pocket square
• Oxfords

The best thing about Business Dress is that men can have a little fun. Think of those stylish men talking about sports every Sunday. Colored shirts, ties, and pocket squares become instant statement pieces. I suggest investing in a suit that you could match with a lot of colors; black, navy, and grey are always good choices. If you are feeling extra spicy, you might even try a pinstriped suit.

Business Casual has a lot in common with Business Dress; it’s just a little less restrictive.

What you should wear to Business Casual:
• Dress shirt
• Optional suit or sport jacket
• Khakis or light colored slacks
• Optional quarter zip sweater
• Optional tie
• Leather dress shoes and matching socks

Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER wear jeans. It is still a business event.

Finally, we come to Causal Dress. This is perfect for daily wear, perfect for sitting in class, going shopping, or meeting up with friends. It’s open-ended and up to you.

What you should wear to a casual event:
• Collard shirt
• Leather shoes
• Jeans or khakis
• Optional jacket or sweater

Men do not have to wear a necktie but you could wear a casual jacket. Jeans are accepted but should not have holes or be a light wash jean. DO NOT EVER wear sweat pants. Save those for laying around at home or heading to the gym. (You might also consider getting rid of them completely!)

Of course, some places may not provide a dress code. In these circumstances, men can’t go wrong with a nice suit. Suits are great for events like these:
• Job interviews
• Networking events
• Legal proceedings
• Weddings
• A first date
• Religious ceremonies
• Presentations
• Upscale restaurants
• Media appearances

Aside from all of the clothing options men should also invest in some accessories to complete their outfits. These accessories will complete your outfit and possibly make you stand out among others.

Some accessories to consider:
• Watch
• Belts
• Patterned ties/bow ties
• Tie clips
• Pocket squares
• Cuff links
• Tasteful, understated jewelry

With the new year here, now is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a critical look. Take stock of what you have, donate what you don’t wear, and figure out what you need. Treat yourself to a new year shopping trip to make sure you look your best for 2015!

New Year Nail Tip!

Matte nail polish is all the rage this season. However if you are like me and don’t want to commit to buying exclusively matte polish you can use this DIY tip to make any polish you already own matte.  You can buy matte topcoats but those cost between $9-$15 a bottle. Save yourself a couple bucks and use this DIY tip. (Thanks to for the graphic and tips!)


Converting New Year’s Resolutions to Lifelong Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. A time to go out and party, purchase sparkly dresses and insane amounts of booze, and spend the night counting down to this next chapter.

In reality, when a new year comes, you are still the same person. You still have responsibilities and most importantly changes will not happen overnight. We all make resolutions to be better this year, but all too often those resolutions end within a month.

But why should we set goals for ourselves only for the new year? I say forget the sudden goals and make the changes you want to see in your life when you are ready to commit and truly passionate about change! We should approach these goals with intent to maintain them for a lifetime.

Here are some thoughts on common resolutions and how to stick to them, not for a month but for a lifetime!

Shaping Your Menu

The number one New Year’s resolution for Americans is to lose weight. This goal is great if you are willing to create a lifestyle change with your eating habits. Most people think going on a diet will do for losing weight. Sometimes that works. If you want to lose some weight within a couple of months and gain it the moment you end the diet, then go for it! It seems so obvious that this process is so unreliable, but people love this kind of stuff.

For a solution that works longterm, if you want to lose weight or simply just be healthy, there needs to be sacrifice and a permanent change. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a four week starvation or detox process.

When beginning your journey of new eating habits it is crucial to start off with little shifts in your eating habits. Start off by taking advantage of simple steps such as drinking a glass of water before you eat, putting less on your plate, avoiding fried foods, using smaller plates, or cooking food yourself rather than eating out. These simple steps will ease the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Approach this change with confidence and patience; these two factors are key to reaching your goal in creating and maintaining a healthy cuisine. One last tip for those who want to change their diet: Pinterest will become your best friend that brings to you easy, healthy recipes to be successful with this transformation.

Save Some Cash

As the end of the year approaches, sometimes our bank accounts look a little drained. Who wouldn’t love to have some extra dough during the holidays? Saving money is always a hard thing to do, but I have come across a clever way to conquer this obstacle. It’s a simple task that you will appreciate when you reach the end of the year. All you have to do is hold on to all five-dollar bills you come in contact with. When you get change after making a purchase make sure if you have any five dollar bills you hold onto this and put it in a safe place like an envelope or safe. At the end of the year or end of your goal period, reward yourself and count your savings.

 Bend the Trend

Sometimes the best resolutions you can make for yourself involve getting out and trying something new. Trying something new can open you up to new horizons and allow you to express yourself in a way you never have before. Embrace newness by changing up small things in your life. For example, try to change your style up one day and see if people notice. For example, if I were to participate in this, I would dress up with heels and a super nice outfit, because I never do this. This is a fun experiment to try when you get a change and feel like trying something new!

 Pay it Forward

Being kind to people should be something everyone strives for every day! Doing something nice for someone every day is reasonable, but we sometimes we get so consumed in our lives that we don’t make time for kindness. Make it a goal to “pay it forward” to your community once a day.  Get involved with your community and participate in volunteer work. Don’t have enough time to do this every day? Try buying the person’s food behind you in line at the drive-thru or leaving a nice note that will brighten someone’s day. Buy food for a homeless person you see on the street. Give someone a random compliment. Give someone clothes that you no longer wear. Take someone’s task when they are too busy. A little extra kindness brightens everyone’s day.

Globalize Your World

Take time to educate yourself about what’s happening outside of our country. Although things you learn may not affect your life, it is still important to learn the differences across the globe. This will also sometimes help you appreciate what you have in your life and put your outlook on life into perspective. How can you get started? The process is simple. Follow news organizations on Twitter or watch the news for 15 minutes during the day. Once you know more about what is going on in the world, try to find ways that you can make a change or spread awareness about issues that matter to you. Be open to learning yourself and share that learning with others!

Even though the New Year is approaching quickly, try to change your ways in a permanent and reasonable way. Wanted outcomes take time and commitment. Think of your creative goals that will make you happier in life. Try to keep up with them for a whole year and get other people to join you. Don’t give up on a dream; make it happen!

Fashion Trend of the Week: Men’s Edition (Footwear)

What’s the most important winter item? If you guessed shoes, you are RIGHT!  Think of it this way– you need your feet to get you from point A to point B, and if they are not properly protected…Houston, we have a problem! This post it dedicated to the hottest footwear to protect you from the cold.


download (2)

Wingtip in boot form, what could be better than that! This shoe adds class to any outfit, and the thickness of the sole adds a superb contrast to the original style of the men’s wing tipped shoe!


The Lumber Jack

images (7)

These boots, thick and durable, designed for the oh-so-masculine activities including chopping firewood and hunting dinner have made an appearance in the wardrobe of the modern man. Your socks are sure to stay dry in these soles!

Snow Stoppers

images (6)

Last but most certainly not least, we cannot forget the boots designed to keep the cold out as the snow piles on. Whether you’re out shoveling snow or stuck in a blizzard, these boots will make sure your feet have no idea!