Is Following the New Flirting?

Today, we live in a world that is driven by not only  technology, but social media websites too. Being a full time college student, I rarely have the luxury of watching the news or certain television shows. So much of the information that I do gather is via the internet or social media. Can that be said for flirting too? Flirting is a social and sometimes sexual activity involving verbal or written communication.Social networks have the ability to connect you to people from across the globe. But can one friend request here or one like there turn into something serious on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

I believe it can! You can meet so many different people via social media than you could by just going out on a Saturday night or by meeting people through mutual friends .  When two people are consistently liking everything each other  post on Instagram it makes you wonder, especially if you don’t know each other,  if you should start communicating via messages in the DM (Direct Messages). Because if you all are following each other then you have the ability to DM which ironically brings people together and also breaks people up.

And to think all this can be done by liking photos on a social media website. I’ve personally seen relationships start that way and how a couple of hook ups started. So I am inclined to think that following is the new type of flirting for some people. And that would be people such as younger people who’s lives are consumed by social media anyway and also don’t have the time to actually go out and mingle!



Millikin Softball visits Ronald McDonald House

Last weekend on Saturday, February 28, the Millikin University softball team visited the Ronald McDonald House  during their weekend softball trip to Rochester, Minnesota. For those who do not know, the Ronald McDonald House charities is an organization that provides houses for children (and most times families) awaiting treatment at a variety of different hospitals around the United States. The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester and the Ronald McDonald house is located right down the street from there.

The house asks for donations of tie blankets and likes for their visitors to write a nice card for the mailboxes of the patients living there. Between the Millikin Softball and Volleyball teams, we were able to donate a total of 8 tie blankets to the house. Also, the softball team wrote 42 notes to fill each of the 42 mailboxes at the house.

When the team visited, they were greeted by at least 5 children. The team was then able to interact with the children in their craft room and play room. Overall, it was a rewarding experience for the team as well as the children who were able to have fun while staying in the house.

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8 Things To Do In Life

I’m sure all of us have a lot of things that we want to do before we die, like graduate college, get married, have a family, etc… but what about something not so cliche? Maybe some of your ideas you get from movies like The Bucket List or A Walk To Remember, but maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Well, lucky for you, I’ve been pinning tons of ideas (both popular and unique, entertaining and serious) on my Pinterest  bucket list board so I’ve decided to share some of them with you…

.4 Corners AMsterdam castle dart Hedgehog Kentucky Derby Parent trapLife

These are just a few of the items that I have on my bucket list that I want to achieve before I die. So obviously not all of these are that hard and a lot require traveling, but I think that it is awesome to have a bucket list along with goals and desires, because having something to aim for or look forward to gives you a better outlook on life and something to achieve.

Go be spontaneous!!




Where did Disney Channel Go?

When I was a little girl the television in my room stayed on Disney Channel. I’d watch it in the morning when I got dressed for school, I’d turn it back on when I got home from school, and I’d watch it when falling asleep to just get up and do the same thing again the next day. Some of the shows I remember watching frequently were some of my favorite ones : Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Jet Jackson, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Recess, Phil of The Future, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Jake Long, Life With Derek,Hannah Montana, The Proud Family, and Wizards of Waverly Place. If you noticed that the list I just provided is pretty long that’s because that was the majority of shows that came on Disney Channel and they were all AWESOME!

If you are around my age, which is 21, then you remember that Disney Channel was great and you probably watched several of these show yourself. It makes me mad that my nephew  who is seven will never experience the Disney Channel that I did. If you are under 11 or 12 then you won’t know the amazing shows that Disney once provided. Unless, they have an adult in their life who stays up late and catches reruns on Disney Channel at 2 am or watches them on YouTube like I do!

If you remember the shows being great then you know that the Disney movies were even better. My favorite Disney Channel movie of all time is hands down Zenon.

make a channel specifically playing all the old disney channel shows ...

I don’t even know what Disney shows are on now, I stopped watching in the  Phineas and Ferb era, that show wasn’t  terrible but by that time I had out grown Disney Channel. But when I’m channel surfing I stop and see what the new generation of Disney has and it isn’t much. BOOOOOOO, to every show! Not only the bad shows, but there are only like three Disney Channels. There’s the orignal one, then there’s Disney XD, and lastly Disney Juniors. When I was little watching Disney Channel it was one channel on the basic cable which was 55. Oh my gosh, I feel old!

Natural Curls For The Girls!

In today’s society, more and more African American women are wearing their natural hair. When I say natural hair I mean, African American women who have hair that they do not alter by putting chemicals in it. This means they do not perm or put any type of heat to their hair. Some of them even refuse to dye or color their hair; however some people who are natural do color their hair because certain dyes do not effect the texture of the hair significantly. It is also said that it is better for a person to dye their hair when they are natural, rather than dye it when your hair is pressed or permed. Natural hair means that you are leaving your hair in the state that it was when you were born with it.

I am an African American woman who has natural hair, but I personally do not wear my natural hair visibly.  I am more of the type to wear my natural hair under weaves and extensions. I choose to do this because I personally don’t know how to tame or style natural hair, I don’t always have the time to wake up in the morning and manage it, and because wearing weaves and extensions help your natural hair grow and is way easier to manage.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I do not wear my natural hair visibly I do believe that Black Hair is absolutely beautiful in its own unique way.  I have considered wearing my natural hair visibly multiply times, but I never know how to get the cute curly styles  that I see other African American women rocking flawlessly.

If you are like me and don’t know how to get that cute curly natural hairstyle, well the wait is OVER. I came across four different ways to have four different types of curls for natural hair.

This is one type of curls you can do for natural hair. The products that you will need for this look are: Eco Styling Gel, Curl Detangler, The Big Fat Curling Rods, and a Water Spray Bottle. First, you have to wash your hair and use the curl detangler while you wash. Next, you have to comb your hair from the center outwards all around your head. Then, take a piece of your hair and add the Eco styling gel to it and rod it. Repeat this step until your entire head is in a curling rod. Leave the curling rods in your hair for a few hours or over night. Finally, take the rods out and separate the curls and play around with it until you are satisfied with your look and spray your hair with water to keep that curly defined look.

This is the second type of curling style for natural hair. This person has natural hair that contains a red dye. For this look you will need an All Natural Pudding Souffle, a Water Spray Bottle, and a few small curling rods. First, you have to wash your hair. Then, part the middle of your hair. Half of your hair will be brushed forward and the other half backwards. Next, two strand twist the back of your hair and do flat twist in the front of your head going outwards and add curling rods to the ends of the flat twist. Leave the twist in for a few hours or over night. Finally, undo twist and take out rods. Play around in your hair until you achieve the full look you were expecting and spray with water.

This is the third type of curl style for natural hair. The products needed for this look is a Spray Bottle. First, wash your hair. Then, leave your hair wet and put into four braids. Next, leave your braids in for a few hours or over night. Finally, take the braids down and play around in your hair while separating the curls. Apply water using a spray bottle.


This is the fourth and final curl style that I discovered! The products needed for this style is a spray bottle, comb, and curl detangler. First, wash your hair and part into sections. Next, grab a section and bantu knot it, meaning twist your hair around itself until it forms a knot. Do this until your entire head is bantu knotted. Finally, leave the bantu knots in for a couple hours or over night. Undo the bantu knots and play around in your hair until you receive that perfect look. Spray with water after you have found the style you like.

Leonard Nimoy: Gone But Not Forgotten

This Friday, February 27 2015, well known actor, Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. For those of you who do not recognize the name, it may just be because you are too young, or have not gotten in-touch with your inner nerd. However, Nimoy actually leaves behind an incredible legacy in the sci-fi world.

Nimoy is most well known for his role as Spock, a half alien, half human scientist  on the widely popular television show Star Trek, which debuted in 1966. While much of Nimoy’s acting career took place in the last half of the 20th century, some recent filmography of his includes: Land of the Lost, both Star Trek movies, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and some Simpson’s episodes, just to name a very small amount of his work.

Perhaps one of Nimoy’s greatest influences possibly goes unknown to many sci-fi fans. Nimoy’s popular television series In Search Of…., which sought to uncover such mysteries as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the Lochness Monster is believed to be the father of paranormal activity shows such as Ghost Hunters and in fact, this whole species of television show.

Not only is Nimoy remembered by his family, but by the entire science-fiction industry, which he left great influence upon. He certainly did “live long and prosper”.

3 TV Show Websites You May Not Know Of

Lots of TV shows now-a-days use technology to get people to interact with the show, usually in the form of hashtags on Twitter or likes on Facebook. But many popular shows have taken it a step further and created websites that were mentioned in the show, if you are fans of the show they will be exciting. These are just for fun time killer sites that do a good job of keeping people interested and thinking about the show.

3. Ted Mosby Is A Jerk (



If you have seen some of the earlier episodes of How I Met Your Mother you may have seen this website get mentioned. They never mention a horribly recorded song autoplays upon entering the site. It was choose to a best How I Met Your Mother website so check out the rest for yourself, here.

2. Dunder Mifflin (



Fans of the office might hate all the money they will want to spend here. Go ahead and pick yourself up some Dunder Mifflin brand paper products! NBC has created an entire product line of actual office products to sell as ‘Dunder Mifflin’. Unfortunately you can not talk to Jim or Dwight to order your paper.

1. Save Walter White (



Complete with a donation link and old photos of Walter White, the still operational site from Breaking Bad. It is very fun if you are a fan of the show to just read through the paragraphs written by Walt Jr. One of the most 90’s style websites I have seen in awhile.

These have been what I found to be the most interesting TV show websites, but you have your own please share in the comments!

Spring Break Check List!

1spring break

So it is every college students favorite time of the year! SPRING BREAK!!!! Spring break is only a week away and by now you have planned out the perfect trip with your best friends. You have a long car ride ahead with a group of people you are not use to traveling with. Here are simple steps to make sure that long car ride is manageable and isn’t insane before you even get to start your perfect spring break!


Step 1:

Make a list of everything you will need. Make a list of what you will be packing in your main suitcase and what will be going in your car bag. By having the list you can make sure you are not missing the essentials such as your swimsuit and headphones for those long days by the pool.


Step 2:

Music can help make the car ride go smoothly and pass the time more quickly. Get input from everyone that will be in your car for different genres they are interested in and switch it up! Go from hip-hop to country to the early 2000’s. By having a variety of different genres it will keep the car ride interesting to see what song will be next!


Step 3:

Charge your electronics, Charge your electronics, Charge your electronics! I can’t express this enough! I would invest in a small portable charger that you can easily fit in your pocket or purse for those hours when you don’t have instant access to the plug in in the car. Spring Break trips usually mean 10 or more hours in a car, and I know we all want to have instant access to twitter or Instagram for those moments at rest stops when we have our craziest moments.


Step 4:

Pack snacks and lots of them! Have a balance between healthy snacks and sweet tooth items! By packing snacks, you will save money at the pit stops among the road. Space out the healthy versus the sweets to give you something to look forward too besides reaching the final destination of course!


Step 5:

Think of car activities. Being in a car with your BFF’s or even acquaintances is the perfect chance to get to know them even better. This is the time to share the deep stuff but also keep conversations fun. Long car rides provides the perfect opportunities to truly get to know a person. Download a “Would You Rather” app or go back to the basics of playing the license plate game or the many magnitudes of alphabet games you knew as a kid.


Step 6:

The clothes you chose to wear in the car can make or break that car ride experience. Make sure you are wearing layers so that way you can adjust. Especially if you are traveling from cold weather to hot weather, dress according to that. You don’t want to be wearing long sleeves, a hoodie and a marshmallow jacket when you get to your sunny destination. Bring blankets as well so if you get cold easier then you have something to bundle up under.


Step 7:

Enjoy the ride. You only get so many opportunities to be with your best friends, traveling the country so enjoy it all! Stop at the goofy tourists attractions like the Biggest Ball of Yarn or the Largest Bowl of Ice Cream. Those are the moments you will always remember. Those stops that seem so silly at the time will make for the best conversations, the best pictures, the best everything.


Spring break happens once a year and you only get four exciting, wild, never can be topped again experiences. College is four years, make sure your spring break is the best by packing properly and being prepared for the car ride.

We Are In The Future: Microsoft HoloLens

The future we have been imagining for awhile now, in movies and books, I can confidently say is here. Microsoft is in the works of developing a product similar to Google Glass, that creates visual ‘HUD’ and hologram images called the HoloLens.

The banner on the official page for the HoloLens (which can be found here) reads, “The era of holographic computing is here”, if this device can do the things the demo videos claim, then indeed it is. The activities they demonstrate it preforming are quite simple at first, you can browse a to do list and weather while watching something.

But the tasks also get very complex: 3D models, video chat, going on virtual tours, uses in apps, and there has even been talk of Minecraft developing a version of their game for HoloLens.

What Microsoft and Minecraft hope to accomplish with HoloLens.

Think of the implications of a technology like this, how strongly owning one would impact the majority of your life. From playing a video game, doing  homework, cooking, and reading all the way to 3D printing, business applications, and other industry specific uses are all possible. Imagine the pilot of your plane wearing one at night to better navigate or have step by step instructions on how to build something right in front of you. Right now, I can not imagine something this device wouldn’t have some sort of use in.

I can remember my first ‘virtual reality’ experience with arcade game, Beachhead, a very heavy clunky device that shifted a screen

Beachhead arcade machine. (2000)

when you moved. Now, there is a lightweight cordless computer that creates visual augmentations in a pair a of glasses, a mere 15 years later. I think it is important for us to appreciate the age we are living in, the technology that makes our lives easier and easier every day.

I encourage those who read this article to read more into the HoloLens. Also to check out the Reddit board /r/futurology and /r/technology to keep up with these technological developments. In 15 years what will be the device to replace the HoloLens?


The Sticky Side of Journalism.

I am taking a First Amendment course for my Journalism track requirement, and we are currently viewing a case of a former Millikin alum who was recently tried as a whistle-blower of the national security system. He was an officer for the CIA, but prior to leaving the agency, he experienced a form of discrimination with his general supervisors. He was assigned to position in Iran as an undercover agent, but was later told that he was a” tall black man and would draw too much attention”. He was stunned by hearing this because he spent nearly a year in language school learning Farsi just for the assignment to be snatched out from under him. He sued the CIA for discrimination.

Ironically, after he sued the CIA, he was tried for whistle-blowing to a reporter about a program. The reporter was not asked by the court to testify whether or not this information was accurate. The first amendment, however, does not exclude journalists from responding to a criminal investigation in front of a jury. This is a sticky situation for a journalist and a courtroom because as a journalist, your first priority ought to be loyalty. Without informants and factual information, your story is not considered credible. Jurors and judges are aware that journalists jeopardize their livelihood and their own protection as well as their informants, but a servant of this country’s livelihood was also jeopardized when he decided to stand up for himself, so why can’t be also be protected when evidence has not shown that he was a whistle-blower?

I guess my question would be how can we change the unfairness in sticky situations such as this one as it relates to journalists and informants?